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Anthropology and Humanism.

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manuscript under consideration by Jonathan Ball Publishers.

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* These working papers were published under my full name (Elizabeth). I have since decided to publish under my preferred name (Beth).


The virus in the queues. July 2020. Thesis 11: Living and Thinking Crisis. 

We were already sick: Covid19, non-communicable diseases and the health response we really need. June 2020. Percept online blog. 

No time to wait. June 2020. Percept online blog. 

Digging the hollows of transdisciplinary research: Reflections from the 2019 State of Dis-ease Workshop. September 2019. DSBS Fieldnotes. University of Cape Town. 

Scenes from Wasteland: Researching health and illness in the Eastern Cape Karoo. November 2019. Chronic Disease in Africa: a project of the Wellcome Trust. 

Series on Nightclub and Popular Culture in Johannesburg for Bubblegumclub online magazine (2016-2017)


Series on Nightclub and Popular Culture for Platform online magazine (2017). 


Dis-ease and the Young. Opening Remarks at the Exhibition Launch, Occupying a Fatuous State of Severity. 23 January 2020. TMRW Gallery.  Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Social and Structural Conditions Driving NCDs, Actuarial Society of South Africa Convention. October 2019. Sandton, Johannesburg.

New dimensions of shame and blame for adolescents on ART, Harvard Africa-Asia Conference on Public Health. March, 2019. Parktown, Johannesburg.

A Life of Love. DSG Matric Dinner Address. October 2019. Grahamstown, Eastern Cape.

Chronic Countryside: Life in the Face of Colliding Epidemics. Presentation at Rhodes Trust Bon Voyage colloquium 2019. Braamfontein, Johannesburg. 

Introductory Remarks at the State of Dis-ease workshop. 25 March 2019. Parktown, Johannesburg

Chronic Countryside: life in the face of colliding epidemics, Africa and the Epidemiological Imagination, Wellcome Trust International Workshop. November 2018. London, United Kingdom.

Panel Convenor, Africa’s Nocturnal Cities, European Conference on African Studies. November 2016. Basel, Switzerland.

They Go Out to Be Seen: Youth Nightclub Cultures in Johannesburg, South Africa, European Conference on African Studies (Basel, June 2017) and at NIGHTS Conference (Berlin, November 2016)

New dimensions of shame and blame for adolescents on HIV treatment, Africa Health Conference. June, 2016. Johannesburg.

Antiretrovirals and accusation: negotiations of blame, care and HIV-treatment among young women in South Africa, Family Troubles Symposium. September 2015. Reading, United Kingdom.

Plenary co-chair for ‘New vision, new language, new action’, South African AIDS Conference. June 2015. Durban, South Africa.

Bureaucracies of blood and belonging: What documents tell us about how HIV-positive youth’s relationship with the state, South African AIDS Conference. June 2015. Durban, South Africa.


Deception, distraction and disinterest: The challenges of participatory research with HIV- positive teenagers and their families, South African AIDS Conference. June 2015. Durban, South Africa


Spooning: True Crimes in Confinement. Listen here

Stoep Sessions with Dr Beth Vale: Health Politics, The Jolburg Podcast: Episode 1. 

Art & Mental Health, The Eusebius McKaiser Show. 2020. Listen here

Guest Presenter on the Jet Set Breakfast. 2019. Listen here. 

Researching adolescent HIV, Mzantsi Wakho podcast. 2019. Listen here. 

Young people and HIV research discourse. Academic Citizen podcast. Listen here.

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