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Health. Education. Social Development


Drawing on both primary and desktop research, as well as a history of advocacy and project management; I offer freelance consulting services to a range of NPOs and consultancies. These organisations work at the intersections of health, education and social development, informing public policy and emerging best practice.

 Sample Work

HASA Briefs

'No time to wait' Percept blog piece

We were already sick: Covid-19, non-communicable diseases, and the health response we really need. Percept blog piece



Percept is a South African multi-disciplinary consultancy, working towards a healthier, more financially-resilient world. 

Together with colleagues at Percept, I have produced a series of briefs about the National Health Insurance; and a further series on non-communicable diseases in South Africa. Both series combine anthropological and actuarial insights to produce policy-relevant recommendations for a public audience. We have also worked on individual briefs for the Hospital Association of South Africa, dealing with telemedicine regulation, universal health coverage and quality measures for bottom-up accountability. 

Youth Capital

Youth Capital is a youth-led advocacy campaign with the vision of a South Africa where every young person has the skills, support and opportunity to get their first job. 

Each year, I combine mixed-methods academic research, policy analysis, and qualitative interviewing of Youth Capital's implementing partners, to co-produce Youth Capital's annual publication: Shift.  Here, I combine skills of research, synthesis and writing with advocacy knowledge that helps translate research into usable, actionable activists and policymakers.  Outside of the annual publication, I've also worked with Youth Capital on special policy briefs – for example on Second Chance Matriculation

Sample Work
Shift 2020: An action plan to tackle youth unemployment

'Matrics on the Fringe' A review of the second chance matric programme. 


Zero Dropout

Each year, I combine mixed-methods academic research, policy analysis, and qualitative interviewing with Zero Dropout Campaign's implementing partners, to co-produce Zero Dropout's annual publication and leverage it as a tool for advocacy. 

Grow Great

The Grow Great Campaign seeks to mobilise South Africa towards a national commitment to zero (childhood) stunting by 2030.

In the early conceptualisation of Grow Great, I produced and presented a scoping review of community health worker (CHW) policy and programming in South Africa, with recommendations for to support the deployment of CHWs for the Grow Great initiative.

Sample Work
CHW Scoping Review

CHW presentation to Grow Great, funders and partners

Sample Work
Bumb'Ingomso: an action manual for young women


Bumb'Ingomso offers a package of services to help empower youth in the Eastern Cape. I created communication material for Bumb'Ingomso, outling its core objectives and programmes, along with resources for young people and communities to get involved.

Paediatric Aids Treatment for Africa 

PATA is a non-government organisation providing support tools, networking opportunities and sharing platforms for 250 paediatric antiretroviral treatment (ART) clinics in Sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa. Together with colleagues, I worked to design and launch PATA’s advocacy agenda, starting with extensive strategic planning to identify PATA’s advocacy agenda and primary targets. Consultation also involved facilitating and planning discussions among teams of East African healthworkers at PATA’s regional conference in Dar es Salaam. Three policy briefs were produced during this period: one on the role of community healthworkers in crafting a global health agenda; another on transitioning adolescents into adult HIV-care; and a final brief on the post-2015 health agenda. As a PATA Mentor for Newlands Clinic in Zimbabwe (2013) and Partners in Health (2014), I held brief consultations with each clinic, sharing knowledge about building research capacity and assessing adolescent health needs.

Sample Work
Policy brief on adolescent transition into adult HIV care

Press statement on CHWS as global leaders

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Ilifa Labantwana

Ilifa Labantwana works to secure an equal start for all children living in South Africa, through universal access to quality early childhood development. I consulted for Ilifa during the early conceptualisation of their M&E strategy to evaluate their national radio show, Side by Side. More recently, I have worked on co-crafting an Investment Prospectus for systems change in early childhood development in South Africa; managed and co-produced Ilifa's working paper series together with the annual Early Childhood Review.


Anthrologica is a research-based organisation in the UK that specialises in applied anthropology in global health. Interns assist the Director and other team members by reviewing literature, preparing briefings and presentations, writing proposals, and serving as research assistants. I assisted on projects concerning birth registration uptake in Angola; community responses to Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and child pneumonia in Zimbabwe.

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Sample Work

Presenting on Jet-Set breakfast

Presenting on E-News

Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection

During my time at MISTRA, I served as research lead for Indlulamithi National Scenarios 2030: a cross sectoral collaboration aimed at facilitating strategy and long-term planning for South Africa. It drew on over 150 interviews and numerous workshops with business, labour, government, NGOs, academics and youth. I also served as primary spokesperson for the project, presenting to party political officials, the Minerals Councils, major government and civil society conferences; as well as radio and news broadcasters. My role at MISTRA also included co-editing and managing a volume on ‘Traditional Leadership in a Democracy’, and serving as project manager for a second book project on the ‘Arts and National Development’. I also contributed two chapters to a publication on Epidemics in Africa.

UN Aids

Reviewed policy and protocol for the management of community health workers in South Africa.

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