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Welcome to The Yoga Commune

Beth Vale 300hr yoga teacher

This is a donation-based yoga collective.  I offer classes thee times each week, focusing on alignment and adjustments, so that the postures are accessible and beneficial to everyone at all levels, with the right mix of challenge and surrender. Every six months, the commune gathers to decide how to spend the funds we've raised, nourishing ourselves and the causes most important to us. 

There's much to commiserate about the contemporary Wellness Industry and it's promise that 'inner peace' lies just the other side of a soy candle, or  a 'namaste'-emblazoned t-shirt, or a bowl of quinoa. I'm not interested in yoga as a route to 'bliss', nor as a panacea for the gross injustices or hardships of life. But I am interested in yoga as a way of moving through distress and discomfort, building mental and physical resilience,  cultivating stillness, and deepening our attentiveness to ourselves and the world. My hope for myself and others is that we ultimately become a little more nimble, humble, and ultimately, wise. 

All classes are currently online.

There's a lot you miss out on in a zoom yoga class, but it can also be great to feel 'alone' in your yoga class and be able to breath or scream really loudly and obnoxiously. Try to set up your space so that I can see as much of you as possible, and also so that you can hear and see me properly. Best to select 'Speaker View' so that you only see the person talking (me) and aren't distracted by others in the class. Keep your microphone on mute unless you'd like to ask a question. Bring along a cushion or two for support. And feel free to drop me a message before if you're pregnant or have any injuries I should know about. 


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Class Schedule

Yoga Fundamentals

Wednesdays 9am GMT+2

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Vinyasa Flow

Thursdays 17.30 GMT+2

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Restorative Yoga

Sundays 18.00 GMT + 2

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Elizabeth Vale

First National Bank

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